Skully Cane Tree Ornament

We have what I call our “Irreverent Tree” onto which I put, shall we say… “darker”, decorations. Krampus, Belsnickle, saucy/salty ornaments. ANYWAY, this is for that.

I had picked up the skull beads earlier in October for a project that never came to be and before they were put into stash I spotted something similar on Pinterest.

When searching for appropriately sized red or plain wood beads and not finding any, I did find these red-enough glass “pearls” which I am pretty pleased with. They give it a little glamour, I think.


For some reason the smiles on these skulls seem actually cheery between the bright beads and in the shape of a candy cane!


LOVE IT! I have the same beads in black :slight_smile:

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What fun!
I like that you turned the top bead around so it’s right side up.

Thanks, friends!

Nice catch! As I was stringing the beads I thought, “if I don’t turn these around it’s going to drive me nuts” so I immediately made sure to get them how I wanted.


Love this! It’s so macabre and fantastic. I adore that you have to take a closer look to really get it. You could hide this on a tree for a touch a fun.

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@gozer said what I was gonna say! I love that it’s so “sneaky”!


Cool and subtle. It’s like it was created by the people of Halloween Town when Jack wanted to take over Christmas :jack_o_lantern:

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Thank you!