Experimenting with oven-bake clay: doll accessories and a funky ring

I decided to experiment with oven bake-clay from the dollar tree.

The idea had been to make a bracelet or necklace, but my hands were done pretty quickly, and my patience (or lack thereof) only allowed me to make some doll size creations.

Except for the ring. It fits my oldest’s thumb or my ring finger.

Unfortunately the snake’s tail broke off in the oven.

These are just for fun/playtime.


Fun stuff! I had no idea Dollar Tree had oven-bake clay.


I’m not brave enough to try oven baked clay but maybe someday, I’ll be brave like you.
I failed shrinky-dink class, lol.

FYI, if you find aquarium tubing laying around; I just saw something today. Measure your wrist size, add 2" . Get one of your kids to eat a popscicle. Dang their luck. Anyway, cut pieces of the stick small enough to insert into each end of the tubing; forming a circle. Use scrap fabric; cut into strips; wrap around the tubing. Ta-Da Bangles


I had no idea about the Dollar Tree bake clay. Hmmmm, might have to try it out.
The doll looks very happy with her new accessories.

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great job! I really like the beads, and I also didn’t realize Dollar Tree had this clay

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

The oven-bake clay at the Dollar Tree was a tiny package, and I don’t think it’s very good quality. So buyer beware. But for some silly experimentation like this, it works. I would recommend baking at a slightly higher temperature than the package says.

It’s also worth noting that I’m in a small city in Ontario, Canada, and I’ve noticed more and more craft materials (some of which is not bad quality) at our local dollar tree. Having said that, we have 2 locations, and they don’t always carry the same stuff.

These are fun!
I have always loved those little earrings with oven bake clay, the ones that look like food. But I am done with clay in 10 minutes or so, hahaha, and the clay with me in 5 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice job, making jewelry for dolls can be just as fun as for full-sized people!


I bet the kiddos thought it was cool to have some new doll jewelry. The oven bake clay can definitely be difficult to soften up. It makes my fingers tired, also.