Eye 31, 31 Under The Eye - Eyeball Bingo - Interactive Halloween Decoration

Last month I picked up this bingo cage at a thrift store for under $6! What round things could I put into it? EYEBALLS! Duh.


I hope to find some other seasonal things - round and durable - to put in the cage throughout the year. Funsies!

Wooden Eyeballs Tutorial:

I measured the “scoop” and found wooden balls that would fit online. When they arrived I painted 30 of them white.


I used printable eyeballs I found online and resized them. Once I cut them all out, I used an embossing tool to give them a cupped shape to better fit the balls. Then glued them to the painted balls.


I used unraveled red yarn to make the veins, attached with Mod Podge.


Then I gave the eyeballs a coat of dishwasher-safe, glossy Mod Podge. It was the only glossy I had and it dried non-tacky.

I thought I would stop there, but then decided I had to add numbers so I could truthfully call out “Eye 31” and so forth when using it. While making a list of 30 “significant” numbers, I struggled on the last 6-8. That’s when I realized, that apparently I have a favorite fraction. It’s 1/3.



The red yarn vessels are genius…this is creepy and weird…will there be matching oddball Bingo cards as well?

Very cool idea, and very creepy looking eyes.
I love that you are thinking of different round things for other occasions throughout the year.
My first thought was bauble ornaments for Christmas, followed by jingle bells. But then I was a bit horrified by the noise those would make :crazy_face:


That pile of eyeballs just sitting in there waiting to be tumbled is simply horrifying. I’d say you’ve outdone yourself but I am still haunted by that life-sized clown skelly lol so really you just constantly do amazing things.

The yarn was a stroke of genius abomination- your cleverness never disappoints.


Thanks, pals!

@AIMR I have been putting a little thought into cards! We’ll see if I come up with and execute a plan.

@Tanath I had thought about trying to find baubles that look like glass, but aren’t glass, but I had not thought of jingle bells! THAT might the thing.


Awww, thanks! I think. :grimacing: :rofl:

Oh, @AntBee and @AIMR I got the idea for the yard vessels from someone online! It really works great.


Ah, so those were EYEBALLS on the egg cartons! These are just genius, and your demonstrator looks pretty spooky, too!

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Totally you! Love it!


Fiendishly fabulous! I wanna come play bingo at your house!! :woman_zombie:

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Thanks, everyone!

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Love everything about this. The red veins push it over the top.

Had no idea they made dishwasher safe modpodge.

And why on Earth would you ever switch the eyes out? I think they fit every occasion. Could i be mistaken?


Bahahahaaaaa! Thanks! TheMisterT would have me keep many/most/all Halloween decorations up all year, but I just like switching 'em out!

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Oh, this is fabulously creepy!

Small (snake?) eggs for spring, little (poison) apples for fall…
Oooh! Cast small skulls from resin! Or embed skulls (or other things) in clear resin spheres.

How about Loteria, the Mexican bingo game? The images would be cool decoupaged on balls, and you could just use the existing cards to play.

How would your tombola handle small cubes? That might open up possibilities.

You mentioned you wanted spheres that looked like glass. You can get clear acrylic spheres. They might get scratched up with use.

Thanks, y’all!

@steiconi There really are so many possibilities! I doubt we will actually be tumbling this very much, so scratching isn’t too much of an issue! We will have to be able to get things in and out of the small “loading hatch,” though. Ultimately, this will live on shelves I plan on building that will be above our stairwell and only accessible by ladder which I expect to drag out seasonally to switch things out, etc.


OMG. I absolutely love this. I totally thought you just bought a bunch of eyeballs but of course you made them. Of course! Eyeballs seem to be your Halloween theme this year?



That’s what I thought, too! Unintentionally, but still.


:eyes: Congratulations! This eye-tacular project is featured this week! :eyes:

Hehe! Thank you!

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So fun! The yarn is so clever. Even if I would have thought to embellish these with veins I would have tried to paint them on and made a huge bloody mess.