Eye 31, 31 Under The Eye - Eyeball Bingo - Interactive Halloween Decoration

This is absolutely disgusting! I LOVE IT. :heart_eyes:

Thanks, friends!

Hahaha!! Fantastic creepy fun!

Thank you!

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Ooo the red yarn adds a lot to the creepy factor. Hairy eyeballs! Using an emobssing tool to ensure the eyes glued on better is a genious idea; I wouldn’t have thought of it.

I look forward to seeing what other seasonal items you add throughout the year :slight_smile:

Thanks! I kept giggling to myself about getting “the ol’ hairy eyeball” from my own craft while I was making them. I had seen someone clip the paper to make them work; theirs were much larger - ping pong balls, I think. When I resized mine I realize I could probably use the embossing tool.

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When I saw that picture of the wooden balls on the egg crate in the Snapshot thread, I never would’ve imagined what they would become. I thought they were some sort of slightly bruleed item, lol. The use of yarn for the eye vessels is so creative! I think this is probably the most unique Halloween decoration I’ve ever come across.

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I thought it was truffles…

Oh, wow. THANK YOU!!!

Bahahahahahahaaaaaa! Also Mwahahahahahahaaaaa

It looks amazing! Good job

Awwww, thank you!