Fabric designs from art journaling pages

One of the joys and sanity savers of the worst of lockdown, was the art journaling zooms. It was so good to craft with lovely people and to feel that I’d achieved something.

I turned some of my favourite journal pages into fabric via spoonflower. Their interface for uploading am image and then adjusting it to make a fabric, is really straightforward. I added all of my designs to their “fill-a-yard” option. And I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the results. I also made fabric from a few photos I took and cropped them and added them.

This is my favourite because I love the colours.

And these hexies

I also like these circles,I seem to have a lot of circles on my pages.

The next few are photos of real objects. The (faux) stained glass window I made, a glass of Pimm’s in the garden and a garden pond and (less successfully on this scale) a bunch of old keys.

This last one is a quilt top I made.


These are all so cool. My favourite is the circles that look like bubbles with the red, blue, green yellow.

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I love it, what a cool idea! Do you have plans for your fabric?

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This is such a fun idea! I want to do that! I love drawing circles when I doodle, too!

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Such a cool idea with super fun results! Can’t wait to see what you do with your designs!

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This is cool in so many ways! I especially love how it gets more uses from your creations and captures.

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No plans as such, I wanted to see how the designs would work printed. But I have kept the samples fairly big, so they can be used to cover notebooks.

I am planning a kind of inception journals. One of the fabric pieces is a photo of all my handbound journals, (you can see the edge of it at the top of the fourth photo) And some of those journals in the picture were bound with fabric that I printed.

Essentially I printed fabric, and bound a journal with it, I took a photo of that journal and used it to print more fabric, which I will use to cover a new journal.


This opens up so much potential for turning one’s own art into more functional pieces…to turn paper to fabric is a dream come true…thanks for such an inspiring post…I am going to carefully scan some of my art work from now on for possible printing…

I love that you made fabric from your fabric covered journals!!!

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Great idea! @Reinikka recently did this as well. I think it’s so cool to stretch your creativity even more with printed fabric made with your own art. Super cool!!


These are great! I know I’m going to be addicted to designing my own fabric from now on! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Can’t wait to see what you do with them :slight_smile: You have a lot of fun colors, patterns, and images to play around with

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Awesome! I love that you turned your journal art into fabric!

OMG this is incredible. The journals! And the rainbow bubbles in the same photo. I am in love.

Congrats! Your Art Journal Fabric is one of this week’s featured projects! :tada:

Cool, thank you :grin:

What a clever and unique thing to do. I love them all!

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So gorgeous! They look amazing!

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These are absolutely fantastic!! Once again, you inspire me so much!!

Awww :blush: thank you. And the feeling is entirely mutual

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That is so cool! I never in my life would have thought of doing that.

Thank you sweetie. :grin: