Facets Rainbow Cowl

I like learning new stitches and patterns, so when I saw this Facets Cowl I knew I wanted to make it. It is an easy stitch and the pattern is free. I had just enough rainbow yarn left over but had to buy the black yarn.

I love the easy crochet and can see variations of this for scarves and even some mitts. I will put it in my “go to” pattern collection for an easy gift or swap item.


What a great way to accessorize a fall outfit! I like the brightness of the colors!

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Love the high contrast between the black and rainbow yarns.


Yes, the contrast is beautiful! It’s a pretty stitch as well.

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I love this!!! :heart_eyes:

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Love it!

Fun! I would think anyone would like it unless they… AREN’T A FAN OF RAINBOWS!!! gasp

Oh! I like this! Super groovy!

So pretty, I love the bright colours with the black.

I really like this! The black really makes the stitches “pop” out! They kind of remind me of the stitches on a football. Pretty!

I love it, rainbow and black are a lovely combination :rainbow:
Thanks for the link to the pattern, I might give it a try.

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Love the colours

Congrats! Your Rainbow Cowl is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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The stitching is really pretty. I like the style and colors of this.

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Such an easy pattern! I am going to try to make mitts using the same one…just not sure if I have enough yarn…

Thanks everyone!


This is beautiful! I’m going to download the pattern too! Thanks for sharing!

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That is a really neat stitch! And I really like the black to set off the colors.

Oh my gosh! I LOVE This! I love cowls, I think they are such an ingenious item to keep you warm. If you ever want to swap for one, let me know :wink: x

It’s so cheery for a cool autumn or winter day!

I love that it’s rainbow but not quite rainbow. I love the addition of the darker yarn

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