Fairy Tales Blouse

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Yes, once again, the pattern matching is perfect ;).

This took me three days! One day to lay it out and cut it. One day to assemble most of it. The third day to fix the sleeves, which were NOT WORKING, and to sew the hem and buttons.
Pattern: McCalls 7472 with collar from vintage M8620.
Fabric: Library of Rarities by Robert Kaufman.


More interesting prints and pattern-matching perfection. You have some amazing (and highly practical) skills!


Your ability to match patterns is amazing.

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Do you wear all the shirts you make?


Yes, I’m an elementary school librarian at a small, somewhat quirky, independent school. I am known for my shirts and socks!


I was just getting ready to ask about how often people notice your tops/prints/fabrics! this is good stuff!

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If this shirt didn’t have buttons down the front it would be nearly impossible to tell where one piece ends and the next begins!

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Your matching game is on point! Seriously well done.

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Ah-maze-ing!! I am seriously in love with your shirts. They are so incredible! What a sewing goal. I could never be that good. You’re amazing!!!

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Beautiful job, the matching the pattern, all very good choices.

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@gozer I’m not sure if it’s just the way I AM or if it’s years of practice, or both. I suspect it’s the former, because the inside of my sewing is not neat, and it never will be no matter how many more years I sew, because I don’t care about THAT.

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It’s gorgeous! And I love the fabric.