Once Upon A Time... Round-up! April 2023

Fairy Tales seem like something we never outgrow! Crafters consistently find ways to celebrate and reinterpret their favorites - be they historical or “modern” - to create and explore in their medium of choice.

Snow White Happy Purse by Dfabbric

Fairy Godmother Cabinet by MissingWillow

Mad Hatter Tea Party Set by mcadwell

Gingerbread Rapunzel’s Tower by Kimba

Cheshire Cat Puppet by fluffypants

Treat Box from Little Golden Book by TheMistressT

Fairy Tales Blouse by ceep

Princess Courtyard by MissingWillow

Little Red Riding Hood Yarn Needlework by Kittykill


I love fairy tales! Such awesome crafty examples!


Such a magical collection of projects!! I had forgotten about some of these. :sparkles:


I always love the amount of interpretation there can be for a single theme. Despite sharing a common theme, not one of these projects is alike! We have so many talented crafters on this site. These are all amazing!


That is exactly what it’s like to search around to put a Round-up together!


This is such a timely post for me because we just got back from a princess-heavy visit to Disney. I have so many pictures of my girls with princesses! I’d like to do something special with them, but I’m not sure what?? We also have several autographs in a little book, so maybe some sort of memory book?

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This makes me think of all the amazing Fairy Tale swaps we used to have. So many incredible and sweet projects.


This is such a lovely round-up! And yes, it totally reminds me of the awesome fairy tale swaps on Deadster.

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