Fall Leaves (well, leaf) Photography

In the very beginning of fall in Eastern Ontario, there are such gorgeous colours to be found even within a single leaf.

I saw this leaf at the playground when I was out with my kids, and decided to take a photo for inspiration for a drawing or painting later on. So I laid the leaf down on the rock I was sitting on and took the photo.

I like this photo so much I’m not sure I’m going to draw/paint this leaf after all :joy:

Image description: a red maple leaf with streaks of gold on a gray rock.


I love the fall colors, what alovely picture.

I saw this beauty last Sunday…


Oooh I love the water droplets on it!

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It looks like you two could have been at the same park. Fall leaves are beautiful inspiration!


What gorgeous leaves! The stone backdrop does look very similar, doesn’t it?

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these leaves are great! @LindyBlues @marionberries
has @Magpie seen these yet?

Nature provides some of the most beautiful things. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take a moment to fully appreciate those gifts.

This is a lovely photo.


Stunning! Such vibrant colors. What do you use to take your photographs? They’re so brilliant!

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Thank you so much!! I’m just using my phone, which has a better camera than any actual camera I’ve ever owned, lol! The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S23.


@LindyBlues I used my phone as well, a Samsun Galaxy S21. They do have great cameras. I love the vibrant colors of your leaf against the gray background. Very striking.


Beautiful contrast against the rock! Lovely colors.

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