Fanciful Ear Cuffs

I’ve had short hair quite a few times in my life, so when I started making kanzashi hair accessories, I knew I would want to make things that work with short hair too. Then, I wanted to start using tsumami craft technique to make things that weren’t hair oriented at all.

These are one of my favorite things to make now. Ear cuffs! They remind me of elves, and fantasy creatures - and work perfectly with short hair. :slight_smile:

This one features purple chinese bellflowers and a dragonfly.

And this one features cherry blossoms and a large single butterfly wing.

I’ve been developing new pieces, including these, to exhibit at Anime North in Toronto, which is this weekend. It feels good to have an actual event and goal to work toward, but I might have bitten off a little too much by deciding to make 8 new pieces. I only have one more left, but it still requires a ton of work so I’m trying not to be super stressed out since I leave for Toronto tomorrow night.


Very beautiful! Do you have any pics with someone wearing them?

Those are absolutely incredible! Agree I’d love to see someone wearing them… Good luck at the event and have a wonderful trip!

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I don’t. Sorry!

Can you get a photo of someone at the event modeling them, or would that be impractical with the way they will be displayed? I just know they must look phenomenal when worn!

It’s set up in an art gallery. There won’t be any models, unfortunately.

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Oh, well. They are beautiful, regardless!


These are absolutely stunning. Your work is always awesome to see.

I love seeing your creations! This is a show stopper

:boom: Congratulations! Your awesome project is one of this week’s featured projects! :boom:

these are gorgeous!

Wow, these are very beautiful!! I made some kanzashi in the past and they take soooo much time!
Do you use real rice glue too?
I hope you post the other ones too!

Yes, I usually use rice glue. :slight_smile: Sometimes I use pva glue or e6000 for gems or shidare (the hanging petals).

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How did your event go, @appledainty?

These are extraordinary. So detailed. Would love to wear suche a pair :slight_smile:

Went pretty well! I can’t complain, haha.

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