Fast and easy knit skirt

One yard of 60" wide fabric, and some wide elastic that was in the clearance bin.
The fabric is: POP! Glitter Holiday Lights Juvenile Holiday Knit Fabric from Joann.

I used the ruffler attachment from my 1950s Featherweight on my 1990s Bernina to do the gathering. One seam up the center back.

Hem tape is the secret to preventing a wavy hem.

The waist band, inside and out.


Very nice! All ready for holiday parties.

This is beautiful! I love the neckline and the length of the cut. Perfect :chef’s kiss:

The shirt is separate. I didn’t make that :).

Very cute and festive! Sometimes it’s so nice to have a simple, straightforward project that turns out perfectly, and you can just get right to enjoying it. :slight_smile: I love the light print, and the hem tape tip!

oh OOPS! I was reading this as “Fast and easy knit SHIRT” the whole time. Well, it’s a nice shirt. (duh. sorry). The skirt is fun and festive, and a great length. Being a taller person I’m a big fan of midi length skirts, they are so versatile. Is that sparkle at the waist part of the skirt? nice touch!

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Super cute!

Time to get jolly!

Love this! I’d so wear it if I could find material like that.

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It’s in stock at Joann Fabrics. $6.99 a yard

POP! Glitter Holiday Lights Juvenile Holiday Knit Fabric
Item # 17402967

We don’t have those in Canada. I could order but shipping isn’t great. Thanks for the info though.

It’s gorgeous! I bet it took no time at all to make and you’ll be looking festive at all the parties this season! I especially love the detail of the gold elastic waistband. It really makes the skirt even more festive (and from the clearance bin too, yay!). And I love the necklace too :heart_eyes:

@Immaculata I have a week’s worth of outfits, escalating in wildness, for the last week of school before winter break. (I’m a school librarian). The skirt was the next-to-the-last one. The last one involves this fantastic “ugly” sweater.


Fabulously festive!

I love it! Simple, yet perfect. Sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to show off a great print.

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So festive, I love it, especially the choice of the gold elastic waist band!

Love this! I work in an office but they can’t stopme from dressing for the holidays. My collection of ugly sweaters is pretty epic but I would love to pair one with a skirt like that. I made myself the same necklace too, twinsies!


Haha, I was thinking knitted skirt instead of knit fabric. Looks like you’re ready for the upcoming season!