Featured Craftalong - Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong

(Journal pages by @geekgirl)

Get to Know the Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong! Featured Craftalong - 4th Quarter 2020

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Lettuce Craft might be a new site on the web, but parts of it have a long history. Craftalongs were always a popular activity on Craftster, and now in our new home, they are back in full force. The increased accessibility of LCโ€™s platform means that itโ€™s easier than ever to participate in these beloved -Alongs.

At its most basic, a Craftalong is a way for members to share their work, cheer each other on, and most of all to be inspired. They can be themed around a specific craft medium, favorite item to make, or a favorite fandoms. Letโ€™s take a closer look at the amazing Paper & Multimedia Craftalong by talking to one of their most avid members, @geekgirl.

:white_heart: :art: :heart: :paintbrush: :orange_heart: :jigsaw: :yellow_heart: :open_book: :green_heart: :framed_picture: :blue_heart: :fountain_pen: :purple_heart: :art: :black_heart:

(ATCs by @audity)

How long has the Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong existed, and how long have you worked on it?
In this incarnation, since mid-January. On Craftster it was around for around 3 years. Iโ€™ve been hanging around since the beginning.

What first drew you to creating and participating in this craftalong?
Iโ€™m a huge paper crafter and while I do other types of crafts I always come back to paper related crafts.

(painting by @jemimah)

Imagine Iโ€™ve never participated in a Craftalong before. Describe what yours is, and how it works for us.
This craft-a-long is not like some of the other craft-a-longs. We donโ€™t have a lot of structured prompts or organize by season/month/etc. Anyone can join in just by posting. and we share ideas and tips, ask questions, share our work and talk paper crafts.

Are there any special events or prompts you use in your craftalong?
In the past few months JoyfulClover and I have been taking turns hosting art journaling sessions where we pick a video, post the link and suggested supplies and then whoever is interested, we all get together on a zoom meeting and do the video together and then post our finished results. Those have been a lot of fun and have encouraged us to do things outside our comfort zones.

(stamps by @Smmarrt)

What is your favorite aspect of the Craftalong?
Just the vast knowledge of everyone combined. Everyone has different techniques and ideas and I am always learning something new.

How has your own crafting changed as a result of participating in the P&MMC?
Well, I have a lot of new supplies because when someone shows off a project or shares something new they got then I want to try it out too! But lately, because of the art journal videos we have been doing I have been learning itโ€™s ok to leave white space in my art!

What is one thing you would like Lettuce Craft members who are not regular -
Any skill level is welcome to join in! We love offering support, advice, and help.

(page by @JoyfulClover)

:white_heart: :art: :heart: :paintbrush: :orange_heart: :jigsaw: :yellow_heart: :open_book: :green_heart: :framed_picture: :blue_heart: :fountain_pen: :purple_heart: :art: :black_heart:

Special Thank You to @audity for providing the beautiful examples of work found in the Craftalong for this Featured Craftalong article.


Really nice profile and some awesome artwork @JoyfulClover I love that piece and really need to know what is the white pen/marker that you used?


Hey @Edel I used a Uniball Signo Broad, in white. Itโ€™s a great pen.

Every now and then, the surface doesnโ€™t cooperate, and I use the white Gelly Roll by sakura in a 3 pack of 05/08/10.

running to Amazon

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Yeeah! Come browse, chat, and share! Seriously, wherever youโ€™re at with your paper and mixed media play, everyone wants you there taking part. You can use whatever youโ€™ve got on hand, try new-to-you things, ask lots of questions, and itโ€™s all encouragement. As far as I know we all have other things that fill up much of our time (work, kids, other creative outlets), so it creates a very easygoing vibe without cynicism or judgment. We want to keep learning and improving but ultimately we just do this to have fun! Folks do come up with some gorgeous stuff, as you see above, but it feels like an online open studio/workshop, not a gallery or critique session.


See, this isnโ€™t even the craftalong thread and you just rocked my mixed media WORLD (as is customary): I never knew there were different sizes of Gelly Roll pens!! :exploding_head: That totally explains why @AIMR always has really good luck with them while Iโ€™ve never had any luck; I only knew about the fine-point. Mystery solved, and new craft purchase to make (including the Signo pen too, while Iโ€™m at it)!


I donโ€™t know about the other colors, but the white def does!

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This is one of my favorite craftalongs (even though I havenโ€™t been around in quite a while because Iโ€™ve been too busy with life, work and other things, and donโ€™t have the internet to join those Zoom craftalongs). Iโ€™ve been pretty silent on this thread, but there is amazing talent and I do have to check in and see whatโ€™s happening!


Great profile! That craftalong looks so fun!

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Thanks for the write up @MistressJennie

We have a lot of fun. Everyone should definitely check it out!

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Such an awesome group!! Iโ€™m in awe of the paper gang. :star_struck:

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I love paperwork crafts so much but Iโ€™m not that great at them. This craft along gives me hope that I can improve my skills.

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Iโ€™m so glad I jumped into this craftalong! To anyone thinking about it, weโ€™d love to have you join in! Itโ€™s such a fun and relaxed place to play. I get so much inspiration from seeing everyoneโ€™s creativity and cool ideas :heart:


:tada::tada: Announcement :tada::tada:

There is a new sitewide craft challenge contest. If you have made something inspired by this(or any other) craftalong, then this challenge is for you.
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