Feline The ❤

One of my dear ones has recently adopted a third kitty! When I got this geometric 3D heart die, I realized it looked a little like a kitty face and came up with this idea.


This friend LOVES sparkle, so I had to got shiny, shimmery, and sparkly for everything but the kitties - her first two are all-black brothers, her newest is a tuxedo boy with a white chin and white whiskers.


To make the whiskers I used the end of a leaf vein die from a Funky Foliage die set.


I had initially planned a 3x3 arrangement, but didn’t have an appropriate container for that size, so I decided to use the other half of the box I used for this diorama I made last year. This left me with an extra heart. I had already named the piece “Feline the Love” and :bulb: I can replace the “love” with the extra :sparkling_heart:! Eep!


The back is another pink glitter paper, the exterior sides a silver glitter paper with corner “brackets” made with the same paper.



The interior sides are this crazy red curly mylar paper the edge a gold “gem” strip.


All the hearts and cats, the back papers and brads, and the gold “gems” were from stash. I did by the silver glitter papers and the red mylar. Of course, the box was stash, too.

I am sending this for Valentine’s Day, but it isn’t meant specifically for Vday display. She loves sparkles and her kitties all year, after all!


I love this. I can see the cat in the heart shape. The little whiskers are so cute lol. I love the colors you chose and… oh the glitter. Stunning.

Sparkle and cats, two of my favorite things!

Love the whiskers!

Purrfect! And oh my stars the glitter …….

You nailed it again! Your friend will definitely be feline the love!

Thanks so much, friends!

Aww, so adorable! The heart definitely looks like a cat’s face, too.

Thank you! :cat:

Adorkable. Very, Very glittery kittery!

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