Felt wedding bouquets for my bestie!

Hi you crafty bunch!

Soooo, my friend loved my own felt wedding bouquet so much that when she got engaged later that year she asked me to make one for her, and her bridesmaid also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As she was going for a kind of rustic naturey theme she asked me to crochet a little bumble bee to go on the flowers, and some kind of beady/berry tendrils as well.

Special thanks to our dog Rosie, who got hold of the bumble bee at some stage and walked off with it in her mouth, so she kind of contributed to the bouquet. Also she ate one of those big berry beads when it fell off my lap because presumably she thought it was edible… it was never seen again…

She was also a guest at the wedding and in the evening she wore a little tutu and was an unofficial bridesmaid… to my husband, who dressed up as Old Gregg (from the Mighty Boosh) in a wedding dress (left of the photo, he’s a giant so his dress was a little short) …

And finally, here’s the bouquet I made for my friends’ bridesmaid. I loooooove the bright pink against the purple!!

Thanks for looking! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


That sounds like a very fun and personalized wedding! The bouquets are beautiful! I love the addition of the little bee! So cute! I think I like the bridesmaids best because of the pop of pink but both are beautiful. And she can keep her bouquet forever too!
And your pooch is adorable!


So sweet! The puppy is so stinking cute!


Just love the pop of pink!

What a wonderful thing you did for your wedding and your friend’s! Sounds like a fun time for all, including the pup!


I love the bouquet, but I really LURVE the doggo!!! Smuch hers faceums!!!


Very pretty! I love homemade bouquets.

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