Felted Birds Sprawling Garland Aviary

Susan from Downeast Thunder Farm has so many cool felted patterns on her blog. Many of them are free and some you can purchase individually or as a kit with felt. I ordered her Backyard Bird book and felt kit and spent about 10 days in Covid isolation working on as few as one bird a day to as many as 3 birds a day. There are 20 birds in the book. Many of you followed and cheered along on the “Snapshot, what are you doing today” thread.

Today, I went to the craft store and found the perfect greenery garland to display all 20 birds in my aviary. While I am aware that the birds do not live in an area with this type of greenery, I like it and it is perfect!

I attached each bird with a safety pin so I can move them around as I like!

I found the perfect place to hang them! (Not quite centered, but still looks good. And, I did it by myself!)

Space before:

All the birdies!

A kinda closer picture of the garland:

Thanks to all of you who went on this journey with me!


I loved watching you create each of these and I love the way you chose to display them. Well done!


Such a cool idea!

You will have a lovely display of small backyard birds…and they can all be friends on the same garland since it is your project!

So nice to see you used your quarantine time in such a positive way! It was fun watching the birds emerge day by day!


It turned out so good! I love the garland and all your wonderful birdies. I cannot believe how fast you busted those out.


Great idea for a display! You should be really proud of how dedicated to creating them you were! (Were I in any kind of isolation I suspect Netflix and I would’ve had a lot of fun times together ha ha!)
Enjoy your new friends!


Oh this is fantastic!


I wish I could like this multiple times :heart_eyes:

It was so great watching you make them (except that House Sparrow, I still say he should have been skipped :woozy_face: ) Love the way you are displaying them too!


Beautifully done!!!


This is fantastic!


@MightyMitochondria Thanks friend! I was kinda monopolizing the Snapshot board will my birds for a while! I really love it too!

@aimr It was nice to have something to do and really a reason to just keep making the birds and getting them done! It’s nice to see so many pretty felt birds together! Did you notice that I have them facing different directions?

@susieoregon Thanks! I can’t wait to get the hardware and hang it up! It’s more perfect than I could have imagined.

@AntBee Sadly, we don’t have enough data for streaming services, but I watched a bunch of sappy Hallmark movies while I made the birds!

@Lilyleaper @GeekyBookworm @TheMistressT Thanks!

@Homerof2 Well, turns out it was a Song Sparrow and not a House Sparrow? Does that change anything for you? I’m glad I didn’t bore people too much with my bird updates for almost 10 days straight! I’m really excited about this display, too!


We truly did enjoy your bird saga!

And, lol, yes, I did notice that your birds are going in all directions…duh…sometimes I have senior moments, lol…

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Wow! What a lot of work! Display it proudly!!

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That’s most definitely a House Sparrow. Here’s the two together
yes, I’m a bird nerd :smiley:
I think the confuse came in the Snapshot thread when someone commented their favourite song bird was a House sparrow and then corrected that, saying it was the Song sparrow that was their favourite .

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Susan refers to it as a song sparrow in her book.

Either way, it’s on my garland.


What a wonderful way to display all the beautiful birds!


That’s great! I agree that it’s the perfect way to display all your lovely birds!


I’ve updated the first post to reflect that it’s been hung!


I see the confusion, you made two sparrows … the House and the Song
image image

Your garland looks beautiful where you hung it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh, yeah, you are right! Good sleuthing!

And, thank you!


You found a great spot for it!