Felted pebble with MUSHROOM embroidery

I’m working my way through project ideas and stash, this has been on my list for AGES and now I’ve finally given it a try.

I only stabbed myself once and bled on the white stitches just a wee bit.

It came right out with a little dishsoap and gentle scrubbing. Guess I’ll be keeping this first try, can’t be sending something like that out into the world these days!

It’s not an actual stone in there, though there are tutorials for such a thing. I used scraps of fulled sweaters and some roving.

You wrap them up in a tightly knotted nylon stocking and wash/dry them with the rest of your laundry, a few times to get them good and felted.

There’s a tutorial at lilfishstudios on that part. For the embroidery, you’re on your own. I found it quite challenging, as evidenced by my self-stabbing, ouch!


These are so cool! Roving is one thing I don’t have in my stash (I don’t have a lot of wool on hand, in general), so I’m going to have to bookmark this for later. I would imagine that the embroidery would be pretty challenging, since it doesn’t seem like you’re able to go out the back side. Ilike that you used sweater scraps on the inside instead of rocks, too. Thanks for the link to the tutorial!

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I totally stitched right through that sucker! But I hid all my knots so nothing shows. It was not all that easy, I gotta say. Maybe by the time I finish the rest I’ll have figure out some tricks to share.

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I’m still impressed!

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More mushroom cuteness! Sorry you had to suffer a craft-related injury. That’s a cool trick with the stocking!

Cool project!! Glad you were able to get the blood out of the white thread!!

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Super cool! And I had no idea you liked mushrooms! :wink:
Sorry about your injury, I’ve done that multiple times

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Very cool! Could have fooled me that there isn’t a rock in there! Way to turn those scraps into something awesome.

That is so pretty and tiny!

hahaha, sorry but that made me laugh!

LOVE it! Great work :orange_heart:

Very cute! And I think I always stab myself when I needle felt, it’s part of the process.

I wasn’t felting! I was just stitching. All the felting gets done in the laundry machines, well a little bit of rubbing the stone with hot soapy water at the end but that was not the least bit stabby :smile:

That is such good roving you just washed!!! Painful, BUT SUCH CUTE RESULTS!

Each little pebble only takes a bit, not to worry there is PLENTY left for moar crafts!

I guess when looking at the pebbles to fingers scale, they are little! But in the nylons, they look huge!

SO awesome! I just got myself a small needle felting kit and I have a TON of while roving, and wool felt. I really love the shot of all the pebbles in the stocking! I can’t wait to see more!