#MushroomMarch felt ATCs and a LONG list

I set a challenge for myself to post as many mushroom crafts as possible over the month of March. It was a lot of fun and a good motivation to stay busy and crafty when things around the world started going sideways.

I feel like these bright and cheerful cards reflect the positive attitude and can-do spirit of crafting and crafters. We find a way, itโ€™s what we do.

I made the following over the month and filled the rest of the month with older projects:
2 pin cushion topped jars red & white dots and green speckles
2 shirts, one stencilled and one with magic marker and alcohol
1 felted embroidered pebble
1 felt ornament with embroidery
1 paper pieced quilt block needle book
1 mushroom house prayer flag
1 wee gnome in glass dome
1 felted sweater pin cushion

There are 2 more projects in the works but both of them are enormous efforts and right now Iโ€™m focusing on quick and easy ideas to get me through the days of isolation. Itโ€™s been a great distraction.

Aprilโ€™s theme is Monsters! Feel free to join in and post your own.


Great job with your mushrooms, it was fun seeing them all.


It was funny waiting for people to catch on that I was up to something, haha :smile:
I think you were one of the first!


I totally loved your Mushroom march madness! It actually helped my brain focus a bit, looking for the mushroom projects!

I also made my own mushroom project, which was loads of funโ€ฆthanks for a fun March!


Look at all the vibrant mushroom cards!! I love they are on a striped background!!

I canโ€™t believe how many projects you made. So much creativity and WORK. Wow!



these cards are awesome! I loved watching March Mushroom Madness unfold!


I made moar!