Finally finished 2015 journal

I started a journal in 2015 and barely did anything in it and then picked it back up in 2026 - you can see where I took the 5 off and tried to replace it with a 6. Then it sat in my shelf for a while. This year I pulled it out and finished it up.
This was a canson mixed media notebook.

Here are a couple of the very earliest pages. Instead of fixing them or working over top of them I left them to show my progress


Nice work in the future… :rofl:

Glad you got it finished whenever…

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lol. I was typing on my phone. that should be 2016 not 2026

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I know…just funning with ya! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous work…lots of variety

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And here I thought you were very forward thinking!


I think it’s amazing that you’ve been art journaling this long!

The variety of designs and colors is really cool. My favorite one is the one with the circles that just has a tag attached that says “what.” The layering and composition on that one make me just want to keep looking at it!

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I love all the layers, colors, styles, and techniques.

I see buttons in the last on! A little wash on floral paper. The highlights on the tags. Stencils. Tape. Washi. Doodling. Outlining. Butterfly punches.

So inspiring!

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This is beautiful. I have been working on a herbarium for almost a year with pressed flowers and plants from my garden. It’s time consuming and fiddly sometimes and I haven’t worked on it for months and months. You are inspiring me right now with your lovely book that you didn’t give up on!

Thank you for sharing! I needed it.

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