FINISHED! Family Crest Patch

I started this project in JANUARY to go on a jacket for my husband and threw it in a pile of UFOs after much frustration, some of which was posted here. thought it was machine embroidery software but I was totally incorrect! I decided to do a much simpler design to test wtf was going on.

Test patches:

Titans Test Team is part of a Gundam (anime) story called “Advance of Zeta.”

I made a TON of progress between help from a girlfriend who I remembered does machine embroidery too and an epiphany after reading @MistressJennie’s post about patches, I finally figured out my problems!

Here he is:

It is hard to see because it is black on black per the “client’s” request.

My husband is a designer of many things and many years ago redesigned his family crest to be more “mon” style, like Japanese family crests. It is a circle with 3 arrows, 3 ladders and a castle…


Cool crest! And it’s awesome that you figured out what the trouble was and NAILED IT.

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Awesome job! Your patch looks fantastic!

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It feels so good to triumph over machinery!

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THANKS! your post helped A LOT!

dude - you have no idea! I thought (and was super sad) I wasted a TON of $$ on this machine and software because I couldn’t get it to work. Now that I know what to test, I feel like I conquered it!!

That’s awesome (the patch and your victory)!!

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