Machine Embroidery Software?

I am having a crazy time doing some technical designs in my embroidery machine’s software. The biggest problem I’m having is that I cannot freely rotate the elements after making them or duplicating them.

What software do you have and why do you like it?

I have the 6D package from Pfaff with all the modules. It is making me kookoo cause it doesn’t work like illustrator :stuck_out_tongue: or any other graphics program for that matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@thanate you do a lot of machine embroidery. Have you seen this post and do you have any suggestions that could help?

I ended up hand tracing the design in the design module but I swear if it just had a rotate feature, 90% of my frustration would go away. Stitching out is another story… .

I do a lot of embroidery, but extremely little pattern editing. My suggestion would be to search youtube for your software suite; we ended up getting embird, which is also pretty nonintuitive (and only my husband has played with it so far), but there are a lot of tutorials out there that help with the learning curve. Hope that helps!


I’m thinking it might be my machine on this particular piece. It hasn’t been cleaned or adjusted in ages and it is doing very wonky things even on parts of the design that are done automatically by the software instead of by me. (This is supposed to be the underlay for a satin line!! And it’s not stitching straight)

I’ve been recommended both Embird and Embrilliance and neither seem more intuitive than the 6D software. It is really hard to find anything online for it because (and I totally understand this) they want you to go to your local experts and pay for classes etc.

That definitely looks wonky. :frowning_face: Is getting the machine looked at an option?

Yes maintenance visit is an option. Running some machine tests now.

Yeah - definitely think its software and user error. I just ran some designs that came with the machine. They are significantly better than the wonky stitch out of my design.

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Malinda, have you tried to contact Pfaff support team?
I’ve been in a similar situation before with my Bernette. Everything works fine… unless you try custom/downloaded designs. Gladly our local dealer helped me to figure this out.

99% sure it’s the design’s setting in the software. I’ve got an older version of the Pfaff software and I’m sure tehy are going to tell me to upgrade.

I ran a test with one of the patterns that comes with my machine and it came out perfect.