Firewood Rack & Waxed Broadcloth Tarpaulin

Winter is coming; at least up here in the Northern part of the US. We live on the side of the mountains in Montana and heat our home about 90% with a woodstove and therefore managing firewood is a regular part of life - which means a woodshed and a stack by the backdoor. This stack has been “in need” of a better rack and a new tarp.


I’d been give yards and yards of this camouflage broadcloth a few years ago. It’s good stuff, but not really a style we’d wear clothes from, so it’s been used for more utilitarian things here and there, but I still had (have) A LOT. Perfect for a tarpaulin!


The top and bottom are double-layered where it’s likely to rub more on the rack and the wood pieces.

I did my first ever flat felled seams to piece it together and added grommets to attach it to the rack across the top and a couple of spots at the bottom. Once all the sewing was done, but prior to adding the grommets, I waxed it with Otter Wax to keep it water-resistant, even though that spot is pretty sheltered by the eaves and just being on the NNW side of the house.

The rack was assembled first, then the tarp cut to fit. There are some adjustments to make, but nothing really necessary… just to satisfy my fussiness. :upside_down_face:

I used these brackets of which there area few styles. I chose these, because the part that holds the upright is open on the bottom so that I could compensate for the uneven ground at the back of our mudroom. It will also drain any moisture that should get in there.


The neat part is that I was able to use only lumber from a stack left by the last home owners! I had to rip down some 2x6s and a 2x10 to 2x4 size and of course, cut to length. I may end up painting the wood next summer when it’s empty again. :woman_shrugging:


The “extra” pieces across the top are unnecessary for the brackets, but were necessary for my tarp idea. In fact, as I type this I realize I have a little piece cut to attach on the side of each end there that I haven’t put on! D’oh! :blush: Maybe this weekend.


Really enjoying watching you use up this material!

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It came out great!

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Thanks friends!

@Camelama Hoo boy! I had no idea what a challenge it would present! I do have quite a few pins set aside to inspire me, though.

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You are inspiring me to finally make use of some fabric I was gifted that I’ve never known what to do with.


You may be the Queen of organization! I love all these camouflaged organizing spaces you’ve created. When I was a kid we heated our home with a wood stove and it would have been wonderful to have such a beautifully protected and perfectly stacked woodpile.

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Thanks so much, friends!

@Camelama Oooo, now I am intirgued!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Now that’s a good one! As for all the camo organizing things… well, it leads to lots of jokes of not being able to see, and therefore find, things!

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That is amazing. We had a wood burning stove growing up and the firewood was a full time job. I love how nice and beat yours looks

Thanks! Here in the next few weeks it will be at least a PT job: getting 3.5-4 cords delivered and then stacking it in the wood shed!

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Ahh … memories. I hated doing that job, but I was so grateful for it when it got cold! And, I’ll tell you what… When you’re sitting there in the early hours of the morning shivering because your house is freezing, you learn how to light a fire very very quickly. Still pretty good at it, all these years later!

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I can’t believe you did the waxed broadcloth yourself. You are a rock start.

Looks great!

I definately want to hear more about that. Sounds like a project in it’s own right.

It was quite a project and I think I need to attack it again. Sigh. A smaller piece of material what I could more easily hold taught would be a lot less sweaty endeavor!