Window Solar Shade

We’ve one last window with coverings we haven’t yet updated from the prior homeowners. I’m a ways off from tackling that and the existing metal mini-blinds aren’t working 100% well.


This window is south-ish facing and we’re having some high temps, so I went ahead and made a sun shade for it - from ALL STASH.


The material is for shading greenhouses, so I expect it will make a good difference in the heat gain we get through that window.

I wanted a simple roll-up style and had these chains already at this length and figured they would not fade in the sun the same way I have had fabric do in similar situations. I spray painted them black.

I had a few of these little tarp tie-down thingies left from the waxed tarpaulin I made last year.

It doesn’t really darken the room a lot which is nice. We’ll see if it helps during the rest of this little heat wave we’re having.

I do wish I’d thought of this project for the Take A Bite of Your Stash Challenge instead of the dumb failed one I spent hours and hours on for “nothing.” Fppppt!


This is great! We have 2 skylights in our kitchen that I thought I’d love but all they do is heat up an already hot room in the summer! Every year I say I’m going to do something about them but I never do. This is inspiring!

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Thanks! Oh, and blinds made for skylights can be sooo expensive.

How clever! Let us know if it makes a difference in the temperature.

I hope it cools you down without loosing too much light! It looks like a great solution. Fingers crossed!

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Thanks everyone!

It’s used on commercial greenhouses to keep temps down, so I do believe it will do so on my window. Of course, it does diminish light, but it doesn’t feel at all like a dark cave. Unlike the downstairs windows on the same side of the house and the guest bedroom where I have blackout shades. :new_moon_with_face:

What a great idea to keep temperatures down! It looks nice, too.

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I used a similar product and love it. I like how you incorporated the chain.

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Awesome idea, and I love that you managed it all from stash!