First attempt at quilt as you go (QAYG)

Anybody who gets this quilt is just going to admire it for being handmade and so bright and cheerful. You really have such lovely fabrics to choose from and I bet there is a story behind every one of them.

I did like your tip on maybe doing a more regular block to keep the stretching to a minimum…I also tend to use my walking foot on anything, but this seems to be a way for people to quilt without using one.

This is like a fun I-Spy quilt! I spy Christmas tres, spaceships, a VW van… Some of your strips are so small! I’m impressed with all the work you put into this and the fact that you continued on, despite not enjoying the method.


It-is-amazing!!! Very pretty.

Thanks for your pro’s and cons. That is useful information :+1:t2:

You rock :metal:t2:


This is so fun to look at!

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And there’s manatees and otters!

And sloths!


What an absolutely gorgeous quilt. I love the colours and how they complement each other, and wow! All from stash! Despite the irritating portions of the process, it must feel like such a huge accomplishment—because it is!

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