First ever Cricut project--money jar label

I’m taking a 3-session Introduction to Cricut class at the library. Today we designed labels to put on a jar.

I made this label for a jar to put my “dream” money into. I’m not sure what the dream is yet (well, a travel van would be awesome…), but spare change will go in it for when I have more time to chase dreams lol

The process of peeling off the cut away parts was kind of a pain and I wasn’t able to keep the inside dark portions of the letters A and E to stay as I peeled things off…

Oh well. Not too bad for my first time.

What I really want to learn to use Cricut for is making stickers, but I’m starting to think it might be easier to just print them off my regular printer and keep them rectangular-shaped (by using a paper cutter)…

Also, the library doesn’t have a printer for their Cricuts, so stickers won’t be covered in this course :sob:


Congrats on taking the class and on your first project! My local library also has a Cricut and offers classes. I keep thinking I’ll sign up but haven’t done it yet.

Cricut sells special tools for weeding the pieces to be discarded. Did you use those in the class?

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What a fun first project! You’ll get the hang of the little floaty bits pretty quickly, it probably didn’t help that your first go was a curved surface and a slippery one.

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When I got my cutting machine, my crafting life really changed for me! You’ll love all the cool things you can do with it!

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You can do so much more even from this. You could stencil or use armour etch. Don’t get stuck (pun intended) on just stickers!


Thanks everyone!

@endymion Yes, the library did offer the tools, but even with them, I found it difficult to peel them off without also taking out the stuff that was supposed to stay behind.

I’m not sure I’m too into the whole cutting stuff. I’m going to continue with the class and see how it goes, but… I’m glad I decided to take the course with the library before investing in a machine. I’m not sure this is something I’ll continue in the future, but if I really want to do that, I’ll just go to the library and use their machines lol

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