First Punch Needle (mostly freehand)

Well, I’ll be. Even with the few hiccups, it still looks pretty neat.

What’s really great about this, it’s not that expensive to do. it’s not like we don’t have worn out jeans that I could use, heh. and thread don’t cost that much, or even I could scrounge around some garage sells and pick up alot even cheaper.

However, there is one expense I could see being…erm…useful. A stand hoop. That needle gets just a tad too close, :grimacing: .

All in all, a fun little project. Now I’ll have to design some carnivorous plant ones, and christmas presents, too. :smile:


Wow! No pattern? I’m impressed! The cloud, sun, and green areas look like a million tiny bullion stitches.


I failed so miserably at this craft but look at you go! Mastered at once, nice one Charles. I like the composition here and am really looking forward to your hungry plants vignette, that will be super interesting indeed!


Nice job! What type of thread are you using to get the awesome texture? Or is that a special stitch?

I know nothing about this craft, but it sure looks neat!

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Basic cross stitch thread. Wife was given a lot that she says she’ll never use. However, a lot of little pieces (Hence the sky colored as is, but, but but, gave me the idea for the ground).

I went into it thinking it was something entirely different, more cross stitch like. However, after I started getting the shag done right, I began to really like it.

However, I do need to see if I can find a way to glue the back side without having to buy a special glue…For this one I had a large sticky tape thing to put on the back side. So that’s one thing I need to see if I can find a simple/cheap method for. :thinking:


I seal a lot of my embroidery pieces with plain old Elmer’s water downed. It keeps the stitches from fraying and pulling through since I usually don’t do knots…


Wow! This is impressive!

What a fun & colorful piece!

This is so cool! I love the different scale of the stitches on the various parts! I have heard of people using regular Elmer’s (or other PVA glue) for punch needle, too.


This is wonderful, a painting in thread.
The way to did different textures for the different elements is impressive!

:tulip: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tulip: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :rainbow:

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Swooning at all of that texture. I want to pet it. :smiley: Love the movement in the water and the sky. You’ve done a spectacular job!

Wow that’s fantastic, I love how it looks like different stitch types, which it may well be I guess but I don’t know because I haven’t tried needle punch yet, but I did recently pick up a kit so I hope to try soon! Lovely piece tho :smiley: :deciduous_tree:


I just love it :orange_heart:

Super cool punch needle project!

This is really cute! I love the different shades of green for the tree and grass, and just the overall texture. Great work!

The grass looks so cool!