First Socks

These are the first socks I have knitted. They were a special Christmas request from my SO.


Ooh! One of my goals this year is to hopefully knit socks for the first time! Was this an easy pattern to follow? What did you use? They look fantastic!

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They turned out well! Beautiful colors and your ribbing looks very comfy.

Socks are my favorite things to knit but I really don’t like wearing them. Thank goodness I have friends who love them.

It is always good to have a vanilla sock pattern handy…you will be asked (begged!) for many more! ha


awesome socks! Congratulations on mastering the sock as well, that feat has been on my list for YEARS :roll_eyes:

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Awesome socks​:heavy_heart_exclamation::+1:

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These are great! I dont seam to have the patience to knit socks at this time.

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I used the Marley Bird My First sock pattern. She also has videos of each step which made it much easier to follow with the heel. I did use a thinner yarn than she did (Patton Kroy Sock) so ended up casting on 52 instead of the 46 she used, but the videos also helped there because she gives ratios for adapting to other yarns.


These are super cool! I want to try making socks sometime but I’m super slow at knitting so it’s gunna be a little while before I try.

So well done! these are great :slight_smile:

They look really comfy- well done!

Well done! I just ordered a sock loom for myself, because I want to learn to make socks this year, but I don’t really want to learn to knit. (Is that awful? I have enough hobbies! I shouldn’t take up knitting too!) Love your yarn choice.

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Beautiful, especially love your color choices!

I’m the same way; the sock loom has been a faithful friend. Sometimes I see lovely things and I’m inspired to try it myself, but when I see beautiful needle-knit socks like these I instinctively recoil from the prospect of an attempt. When doing a certain craft does not appeal, it’s rather handy to be in a community of creative swappers!
I hope the SO adequately appreciates all that went into making these socks!

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Those were meant for me, I’m sure of it!

Beautifully done. I have terrible envy. Knit socks are precious things.

HA HA HA! Justification! I found out socks could be loomed and I was SO EXCITED! Because knitting, sigh, it is just no so far in my life.

I feel the same way! But then, I really want to have knitted socks. I do have a sock look, but I haven’t attempted it, yet. So maybe you can figure it out and I can get some tips from you :slight_smile:

Or, I should learn to knit socks…

Not awful at all, not needing more hobbies has been the only think stopping me from learning to crochet/tatting.

They look great. Congrats on finishing your first pair!

These are lovely. I love socks and can’t imagine not wearing them (unlike my DD who claims that socks are foot prisons lol). I had no idea that looms existed specifically for making socks - time to investigate that further :slight_smile: