First wall of The Moonstone

I’m working on a miniature room box for the novel The Moonstone.

and lit up

I 3D printed the mirror, mantle, and wainscoting, and made the wall sconces from jewelry findings and some shades that I just discovered were supposed to go with something else. Oh well…

I got the cool crane fireplace grate in the raffle at our mini show last year; the wallpaper is quilting fabric I got at an estate sale this summer.

Everything I’ll use in this scene is from stash, from the recycled cardboard backing to the 3D filament, to the miscellaneous miniature goodies.

I usually wait until the whole box is done to take pix and share, but thought I’d follow @TheMistressT 's example and share a bit at a time.


Oh. My… gosh. This is astonishingly marvelous. I am so excited to see what you do next!

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I’m glad you decided to share in the “bits at a time” method, I find it allows for a closer observation and appreciation for each stage of the project. This wall is amazing. It feels like something out of the tv show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Love it!


WOW! This is great! The 3D printed minis are wonderful, but I am really in love with that wallpaper. [swooooon] I agree that it’s fun to see progress a bit at a time to really appreciate all the details and the thought behind them.

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The wallpaper is available on ebay…

That one is blue, I used green. But it shows the selvedge with manufacterer and fabric number.

I’m an enabler.

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If I could get that in real wallpaper to scale for my 1:1 scale house!

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I often wish I had a shrink ray/grow ray so things could be the scale I want.


I was thinking the same thing, about it looking like a Miss Fisher set. Really spectacular! The mirror and the grate… just wow!


You’ve really captured a feeling with this one little wall. Can’t wait to see more!

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This is absolutely stunning! THAT MIRROR, wow!!!

I read this book years ago, in which a woman does use a shrink ray to furnish a dollhouse!


So fancy!