Fisher Price Little People Old Man & The Sea Ornament

I made this little Fisher Price Little People boat and captain into a tree ornament to commemorate TheMisterT’s milestone birthday celebration we had at the beach in June this year.

The celebration’s theme was “The Old Man & The See” and had many handmade elements including items that used this font. So I made up a jpg in Photoshop, uploaded it to Cricut Design Space, and used it to cut self-adhesive vinyl from my stash. It was a challenge to weed with all those tiny pieces, but with a bright light and a craft knife I was able to get it. On the second try.


Same process for the year on the other side, but it was a piece of (crab) cake to weed!

I named the water craft “Mucho” because the whole celebration was mucho by design! A different shade of blue vinyl was used for that just to mix it up a bit.

The Captain is clued into his vessel. I drilled one hole in the boat - into the “hitch” on the back - in order to hold the wire that hangs it on our Christmas tree. It’s too dark in the house these days for pics, so I took them on a tree outside.


This is ADORABLE! I recently saw vintage Little People at an antique store, one of them was a boat captain sans boat! The color of the vinyl matches the captain, what luck to find that in your stash. I like that you put the little curl in the ornament wire at the top as well. I think it was a good idea to change up the font and color for the boat name. Did you use some kind of tiny drill to get the hole in the boat?

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I love that your boat captain looks so Hemingway-esque with his turtleneck and beard! What a pain it must have been to weed that lettering, but well worth it. So cute!

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Thanks, friends!

@irid3sc3nt I used a regular cordless drill with the smallest standard drill bit commonly available… 1/16"?

@endymion He does, doesn’t he? And TheMisterT has a mostly grey beard these days, too! :rofl:


A perfect commemoration of that epic celebration!!

Hehe! Thank you!

Wow, SO cute! A great reminder of an awesome milestone (and party)!

This sounds like a lyric from a Disney song. Or a line from Dr. Seuss. :heart:


Awwww, thank you!

Oh my gosh this is adorable!

Thank you! He’s just so dang jaunty looking!

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Just keep him off of the lee side of the Christmas tree! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :ocean:

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This could not possibly be cuter. Awesome work my Friend!

Aw, thanks so much, Jennie!

So cute!


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This is so cute!! Great job!

Thank you!