Flaming Heart Needlebook

Made for @Edel in a colour swap. This is one of her fave symbols & I sent her an ornament a long time ago that I’d cut out double shapes for. They kept popping up in my studio wanting to be crafted into something else.

When she listed this bright blue as her colour of the moment, I just knew. She’s got a lot of lovely little shrines and retablo in her pins that inspired the feel of this sequined design.

Teeny wee scissors in the back, I found a nice sharp iridescent pair.

And coordinating pins, of course!

The heart on the front is stuffed so it can be used as a pincushion too.


It is sitting right beside me as I stitch. I love it!


How clever to have the scissors in the back, as well as stuffing the heart to be a pin cushion on the front. Love the vibrant colors, too!

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The turquoise sequins with those bright coral-orange beads is such a great colour combo, I really love it with the red. Bright!

Lovely! The scissor pocket and stuffing the heart are clever ideas too!

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Super freaking cute.

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Such a cool piece. That detail work on the heart is :heart_eyes:


Perfect stitching and bold colors- plus those scissors- totally swoon-worthy!

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Utterly delightful! And your wee stitches on the flames!

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This is so awesome. Very clean and neatly done. Love the scissor holder in the back. I always lose mine!

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