Flit Flutter Fly ~ My first ever Pocket Letter

@Lynx asked me to join her in the Invite Your Partner Swap and we agreed to swap pocket letters (we actually agreed before the swap was officially chosen but it was nice to have a formal swap experience and deadline) :smile: I was excited but also nervous at first because I’d never made one before. But swapping with @Lynx I didn’t feel too much pressure because she’s awesome and I think genuinely loves everything ATC-ish :heart:

Now if there’s one thing I know about @Lynx it’s that she loves birds, so I went with it!!!

I started with making a watercolor masterboard. I love watercolors and want to learn more so this was fun “practice” and I played around with different water to color ratios and a stippling brush

Cut it up:

Shuffled and arranged with pastel cardstock backs/borders:

I had fun arranging stickers, postage stamps, and extra bits :slight_smile: It took me a while and I was glad to have the long craft time because there were a few times I put it away so I could come back later. And apparently I forgot to take a picture of the back before I sent :stuck_out_tongue: I included some extra bird and flower goodies to keep with the theme; bird pictures & definitions from a dictionary, hand stamped birds turned to stickers, store bought stickers, an ATC, etc… If you want to see that stuff then check out @Lynx’s post in the swap gallery And if you want more detailed pictures here’s one of each card from the front :wink: Mostly saved and posted for myself but I figured I’ll share 'em since I have 'em :upside_down_face: (click to see full sized)

Top row left to right:

Middle row left to right:

Bottom row left to right:

Thanks for looking :kissing_heart:

Oh, and check out the awesome Story of Little Skunk Pocket Letter that I got! :heart:


Beautiful watercolor masterboard…and I love how you embellished your individual cards!

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I love seeing your masterboard made and then separated :slight_smile:


I love it! It’s beautiful! I knew you’d make an awesome first pocket letter and you nailed it! Thanks for swapping with me. And, for the record, I think you’re pretty awesome, too!


I love that your share your process from beginning to end…this was a perfect way to break into making your first (and hopefully, many more) pocket letters!

Having a theme seemed to bring out a lot of your creativity…love seeing all the tiny ways you did each card…each one unique!


Beautiful! I love how you brought all the colors together.


Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: