Invite Your Partner 2021 GALLERY!

Don’t worry, be hoppy! :rofl: You are such a loveable goofball…

And a talented seamstress! The tote is gorgeous…and your birds…the Bird Lady of LettuceCraft!


Sweet package! That bag is galactically special and those birdie cards… !


What a great bag! And the birds… so pretty.


That bag is fabulous! The stars, the galaxy fabric… :heart_eyes:

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Thanks everyone! The funny thing is, I honestly didn’t connect stars and galaxy fabric together until you all started mentioning it-- I was just looking for jewel tones! Ha!


@Reinikka and I swapped pocket letters, and I am the lucky recipient of her very first one! It is beautiful! She included so many lovely details: watercolor background, fun international stamps (I’m partial to the Republic of South Africa ones in lower right pocket), bird stickers and stamps, tea bag sayings, and bird words stamped on tickets! So pretty!

She filled the pockets with bird ephemera and masterboards! Look at the attention to detail qhere she cut out book pages with bird images!

I’m super excited to use the gorgeous bird stamped stickers. They are so pretty!

She sent me a bonus atc as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, even though we didn’t discuss extras and I totally sent her extras, she sent me a set of her pretty notecards, too!

Sorry it is dark, the cat is currently in my spot with a little more light.

Rein, I adore it so much! Thank you for agreeing to swap with me! (And now I feel like my package is lacking…thank goodness for the happy mail craftalong!)

(That’s fun.)


WOW! SO pretty (and birdy)! Hard to imagine this is a freshman effort! Hoo boy!


Wow, that is an awesome pocket letter!!! Lots of birdy goodness! I love the little stamped tickets.


Everything is so lovely @Lynx2Lancer!
Great job @Reinikka!

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@Reinikka does some wonderful master boards…all of those cards are so cute…it will take some time to look at each one…just so you…

Of course all of the birdie stuff you are getting will probably be used in your own lovely creations…I think we all just keep recycling it all to each other, which is fabulous!!!


Yay! I’m glad you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I only sent extras because you did too :stuck_out_tongue: lol

It was fun to put together and I’m glad I had so much time to do it! I had to put it out of site a few times so I could come back to it with fresh eyes :slight_smile:

One of the stamps I used was from the stamps you sent me :heart: It’s in the middle row on the left :slight_smile: Just what that rectangle needed!

Wow @Reinikka, that’s beautiful!!

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Ooh, the bird stamp/stickers are so much fun! (…I should try stamping some of the million printable address labels I haven’t been using for anything…)


lol and I got that one in a swap a few years ago! ha

@thanate…what a brilliant idea!!! I have a whole bunch of plain labels like that…turn them into stickers!


Pocket letters usually have surprises in the back, but goodness yours were so abundant and thoughtful! That’s usually the hardest part for me - figuring out what goodies to add!

I really do love it! (Thanks for swapping with Savannah, too.)


The colors and textures are beautiful!

beautiful work in here!!! (i am not surprised though…y’all make great stuff!!)

@Whistlefish and i did a super small swap, here is what amazingness non-super small swap showed up in the mailbox today:


thank you for such a fun swap…wee rabbit is already hanging around and that perfect little basket is filled with knit notions…i LOVE everything!!


OMG! Nice package! The little bun is so cute and the wombat card (?) is hilarious! I love that little basket, especially.


That is super cute! such a handy fabric basket, and the card makes me laugh :smile:


That basket is sooooo cute! And the bun! :heart: