Flour sack & Spongebob Japanese knot bags

I made two more Japanese knot bags. I used the Flour Garden charm pack by Moda for the first bag. This one is a surprise for my sister. The Spongebob bag is for my 14 year old niece. For the inside I pieced together green and yellow fabric because I didn’t have a large enough coordinating fabric for the lining.


Well I love these! The first one especially. :slight_smile:

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Those are great! (Dumb question alert…) How do they work with the handles of different lengths?


Oops! I forgot to show it with looped handles. Here is a link to the first bag I made. You can see how it goes together there.


Those are so great!

They’re wonderful! The patchwork version is super :slight_smile:

I like the pieced lining. Linings should be fun too! I ran across a lot of leftover quilt bits in cleaning my craft room…I think I need a knot bag. Thank you for the inspiration. I love your fun bags.

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Love the colors for all of them! And Spongebob will always have a special place in my heart.

Love those knot bags! I made a bunch for a swap but never made myself one…I like to put knitting projects in them and carry them with me at places I know I have a wait.

Love how necessity makes us more creative…the inside of the Sponge Bob bag is a surprise! I like the two fabrics together.

I have so many charm packs…I never thought to use them to make this bag…nice!

Adorable. The scrappy charm pack one has such a cute vintage vibe to it.

Ok, I am so on board with this pattern! Japanese knot bag? Challenge accepted! :grinning: I am researching immediately!

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I agree with using the knot bags for small knitting projects – they are great!

I was going to mention I have one you made in a swap and love it :smiley:

Congrats! Your Flour Sack and Spongebob Japanese Knot Bags are one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

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Thank you! :blue_heart:

These are very pretty. I like the first one best but they are all great.

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I had the same question. So glad you added this and these photos. I had never seen a knot bag before, neat!

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Very cute! I have always thought these bags were clever, and I like the fabric you’ve picked for each person. I like the pieced lining! Something fun to find on the inside is never a bad thing. :slight_smile: