Flower Pencils

In my classroom, I go through a few dozen pencils in a week. Students borrow them, and never return them. The teacher next door has a duct tape flag on his pencils, and the kids remind each other to return them. So, I figured I’d put my own spin on it.

I duct taped some fake flowers to the pencils, and then wrapped them with florists’ tape (but it’s falling off, so the duct tape might have to be enough). I picked up a metal flower pot with jute twine accents from the dollar store, along with some rocks and decorative sand. I had to glue the twine back on, and re-shape the pot, but it looks decent now :wink: I put the rocks in the bottom and poured the sand on top. This is primarily to keep the pot from tipping over, but it also holds the “flowers” in place (and some students like to arrange them in the pot).

We’ll see how long they last… someone found one in the recycling bin today…le sigh… kids…


Cheerful and pretty! My local post office does this with their pins - they vary in color, but they are always flowers.

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Great idea, and very cheery!

Great way to label your borrowing pencils! :blossom:

Hopefully the recycler will work out
a) not recyclable
b) these are useful things not to throw away

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The flower selection was limited, but I want to add more. It’s kind of funny to see how selective the students are when choosing a flower!

And, I think the pencil recycler was just too lazy to put it back. I have mini recycling bins on each table- much easier to toss it in there than to walk across the room to properly put it away!

It’s also funny that so many kids are fascinated by the sand that’s in the pot. I am tempted to put out one of those mini Zen gardens for them to use!

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