Back to School Round-up! September 2023

It’s that time of year for many of us! Back to pencils and crayons, folders and binders, graphic calculators and laptops! Whether you are heading back to school yourself, seeing kids off for the first or last time, or just love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil, it’s time to celebrate this unofficial start of fall. :apple: :books:

Back to School Cake Pops by Redheadedblonde

Back to School Photo Prop by TheMistressT

Personalized Teacher Stickers by PrincessP

School Pride Wreath by Lynx

First Day of School Cone by Ewulotta

Flower Pencils by craftADDchick

Rainbow Pencils Shirt by ceep

Little Zipper Bags by Cindy

Back to School Chalkboard by audiobooklover


I love these roundups! So many varied projects! So cool!


All of you who put this together do a really great job!

It gives many of us a chance to see projects we missed or revisit projects we loved…and, it definitely shows that we have a group of super talented people that make all of the round-ups interesting and fun!


Awesome Round-up @Abbeeroad! I know Ada will be headed to school before I know it, and all these projects are so inspirational, that now I can’t wait to make things for her too.

@Bunny1kenobi and @AIMR, I love that YOU GUYS love these Round-ups! These came about in a discussion between the Site Mods. We missed the project Round-ups on the Blog of Craftster, and wanted a way to bring back those collections. We came up with an initial list of ideas and dates, and then opened it up to the Swap Mods too, to see if any of them had more ideas to share, or wanted to create a Round-up of their own. And OF COURSE they had awesome ideas, and have highlighted so many amazing projects here. It’s so nice to know that they are appreciated.


Who knew going back to school was so colorful! These are some great projects!

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I love these roundups! It’s so neat to see such differing projects that all revolve around the same theme. Thank you for including my chalkboard :blush: .


The round-ups are always great! A splendiferous assortment of back-to-school fun!

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This Round-up is so cheerily nostalgic! LOVE! It’s an honor to have a project of mine included. :blush:

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