Follow Your Heart 4x6

I made this piece for the 4x6 Art Swap Round 2 based on a quotation I’d seen on Pinterest (of course) and a general desire to do something in sunset colors. I used magazine and book pages, acrylic paint, tissue paper, gel pen, and stencil.

This was my first foray into the 4x6 realm, and it was a fun change of pace. It ended up going to @Lynx2Lancer – I’ve cribbed her pic from the gallery (thanks for getting a better shot than I did, L2L!).
Thanks for looking!


It’s so happy and colorful! And will be going into my newly started art journal! :slight_smile: I love 4x6. It’s just the right size to try something slightly bigger than atcs. Glad you joined in that fun!

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I’m glad you liked it! I like artist’s choice swaps because I don’t have to worry about not clicking with my partner’s themes, but the flip side is worrying that the recipient will hate it (after having put a bunch of work into whatever they made).

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Yeah, I agree!

I love it!! Lots of dimension and texture. And love the saying! :laughing:

I love this. I love the colors!

I love the quote and the vibrant colors you chose!

Thanks, everyone! I ended up pretty happy with it as a piece in its own right. Less so as a manifestation of what I originally envisioned, but that’s a thing I’m working on letting go of in general.