Foxes Shirt

Ugh, soo close to being done, but stopped halfway around the hem by a broken double needle.

This cutting layout took more than a few tries as the length of fabric started out as a yard-and-a-half, but shrank 6" in the wash . Maddening.

Pattern: McCalls 6964
Fabric: POP! forest green fox interlock from Joann Fabrics


cute shirt! bummer about the needle.

I got a cute piece of fabric at a thrift store. It turned out to be mill ends from bedding, so it was 90" wide and 40" long. THEN when I went to use it, I tore the ends to get straight of grain; it was so crookedly cut, I only got about 20" of fabric. good thing I use scraps a lot!


@steiconi Annoying!

I work in a Quaker school and foxes are kind of an inside joke. Our mascot is, of course, a fox, and his name is George. George Fox.


So cute!! I love foxes.

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Those foxes are adorable. Hope its an easy finish.

@gozer Awaiting the delivery of a new needle. It’s always something. And then it will be about 2 minutes to finish. :roll_eyes:


That fabric is so cute! And especially fun to wear to work because of the foxes. The kids will love it!

Sorry about the needle. What would cause it to break like that, right in the middle of stitching a straight, simple seam? (I don’t sew very much, so I really don’t know.)

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Outfoxed by a double needle! Or something? The shirt looks both cute and comfortable and so great for your school.


@endymion I was using a needle that was too delicate for the fabric (but it was what I had), and I was sewing through the hem and hem tape, which is sticky. So the stick combined with the thickness of the fabric deflected the needle, and I’m sure it nicked the edge of the hole of the feed dog cover. THUNK.

I break needles fairly regularly. Usually it’s no big deal, because I have packets of them. I do not have packets of double needles, however. (I ordered two this time!)

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