Sparkly Unicorn Shirt

Also known as the one I finished before the double needle broke.

Patterns: McCalls 6964
Fabric: POP! Glitter Maroon Floral Interlock Fabric

This fabric didn’t shrink nearly as much as the fox fabric did.


This fabric is just fantastic. Just the right amount of whimsy, but still passable as adult!

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Unicorns! How could you NOT love it?? And it fits perfectly!

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Agree with @Abbeeroad. It’s sweet because it’s unicorns, but not so overly done that it looks childish. It has just the right amount of whimsy.

Great shirt and adorable fabric! It actually has the same sort of flavor as the fox fabric, for me.

@endymion Yes, it does! I like novelty prints on medium to dark backgrounds (but not black), I look in my closet and I see a sea of prints on blue, green, and blue-green fabric.

Check out my drawer of folded shirts. Good thing I never have been invited to a “black and white” party.


Very pretty & cheery colors in your wardrobe!

Look how organized you are! All of your colors are together… All the pinks, all the blues, all the greens… I’m lucky just to get them in the drawer.

@Bunny1kenobi That one time I organized my drawer, I took a picture of it :).

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