Foxy Little Bag

I made this for @mel in the Ongoing Wish Swap. Unfortunately, it has been two months and we are assuming it was lost by the PO. I have an issue with them because our international mail goes to a clearing house in NY and tracking says it arrives there but then no more tracking is available. The post office says it was “delivered”…yeah, to the clearing house! UGH!

Anyway, I sent her a gift card, until I can make her something else maybe in a future swap! She likes foxes so I enjoy crafting for her. Sadly, I don’t have enough of this foxy fabric to make this again, but I am sure I can find something small to make!

Here is the lost item: it is a small crossbody bag…I mailed it without the strap to keep shipping lower (which also irks me since I can’t claim the loss because it was not mailed priority!).

I had fun making it and I did learn a few new tricks, so all is not lost!


Why is it the absolute best stuff gets gobbled up by the PO? I hope it eventually shows up. Super cute!



I hand embroidered a greeting card for my brother; they chsrged me $3 to mail it (about 50 miles to his house). And it never arrived.

I know some skank at the po stole it!


I hate to say it, but I also think that happened since I had to declare what it was on the custom forms. I put down handmade gift…I will insure it next time as they do have to at least try to find the package so as not to pay…ugh…

Sorry about your card…I bet it was lovely!


Aww, this is adroable! So sorry that it went missing! :frowning:


This is so cute! What a bummer that it disappeared!

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It might have been fate…it was my first time using that tutorial so it wasn’t my 100% best…I found easier ways to do it and will definitely make more!

I can’t seem to find bags small enough to be comfortable and yet roomy enough to still carry all the things…I would add a pocket to this on the OUTSIDE because everyone needs access to their phones!

The maker said this could be attached to pants belt loops to make it a bummie pack, but a lot of pants/leggings have no belt loops!

I will try, try, and try again!

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I think you could just use the strap and cinch it tighter around your waist. I have a smallish purse that I do this with if I know I’m going to want to not have my bag on me for an extended period of time when walking.

This is so sweet and I’m so sorry that it never made it to the final destination. What a bummer. :frowning: But like you said, at least you figured out ways to improve upon it in the future!

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Hmmm…I will play around with strap options…I didn’t want to make one too long or too short …I have been using straps from other bags.

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It’s a shame it was lost. It’s so cute! Hopefully, someone somewhere is enjoying it. Even if it isn’t the intended recipient. it’s too cute to go to waste.


This is really lovely, I hope it will turn up eventually! gorgeous colour and fabric choices too

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Have you tried initiating a search on the USPS website? Three times when packages have disappeared, I’ve done that, and a day or two later it suddenly reappears and is on the move.

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Yes…but the tracking stops in NY, the clearing house and does not go further. I even tried to do a claim but can’t since it was international regular mail…very frustrating. It has been over two months now.

The only reason I asked, is because that’s where my packages got stuck too, at the clearing house, and then suddenly a day after my search request (which was never answered), they just popped up as ‘on the move’ again. After months of inactivity.

Also, your bag is of course absolutely adorable! I forgot to say it above, but yeah, super cute my friend.

How did you do the search request? Everything I tried said it was not traceable!

I can give you the tracking number if you want to give it a try!

Main site → Help → Find Missing Mail → (Scroll down to) “3. Submit a Missing Mail Search Request”.

I tried to grab you a link, but the browser then went into 'thinking mode for a while.

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It’s only for domestic mail, not international.

I did check the date…just shy of two months, and I do know that some packages have taken that long, but not to Canada…sigh

I’m sorry my darling. I didn’t mean to offer false hope!

lol No worries…I know it is a risk of swapping and I am willing to take that risk for all the times that stuff does make it!

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Guess what I got returned in the mail today!!! Over two months old!

No explanation. Not even opened…no idea why it was returned!