Framing Up a Mini Painting

On a recent trip back to my hometown I tried to buy this tiny painting on a ticket, but my bestie bought it for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was originally on a blank notecard, but I intended to frame it from the get go.

I removed the ticket from the layers of paper that made up the card, then started adding papers back. I used a ticket-shaped die that was almost the exact same size as the actual ticket to cut out blanks from paper that is textured, but also a super close match to the ticket paper. Another die to cut the red piece that ties into the red lines on the ticket. The blue backdrop was selected from the sky in the painting. I thought the diagonal orientation gave the assembled elements more of a sense of movement to mirror the road image in the painting.


The frame was one in my stash that I painted with satin navy spray paint, also stash. It started as a white/gold number with no glass. Getting this small piece of glass turned into a bit of a saga, but today I finally accomplished that - the last piece of the project.

It’s been added to a little extension of the big gallery wall I put together earlier this year. This little piece is on the left of the window behind the sofa.



Love the angled setting! Really a great set up. I do adore tiny paintings!

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That ticket art is incredible and you did a great job of show it off. The paper tickets match is amazing!

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Thanks, y’all!

Such a unique piece of art! Your frame job really makes it next level!

Wow, what a cool idea to do mini-artwork on a ticket. You came up with such a perfect way to display it.

LOVE how you displayed this awesome tiny art!