Free patterns online

My cousin sent me a link to this blog of free patterns the author has tested & approves of. Some pretty great stuff actually.
I need some work clothes & have a bunch of organic bamboo knits from a friends store and yards of linen salvaged from a duvet cover that irreparably tore. Considering the Uvita Top by Itch to Stitch, Geo Tank by Misusu Patterns, In The Folds Vintage Style Skirt (with pockets!) is super cute, Pocket Skirt by Paper Theory is also very sweet, Sew House Seven’s Elemental Pencil Skirt, Fibremood’s Charlotte Wrap Dress, and the Allspice Apron by Hey June.
There are even links to undies, slipper boots, etc, & a list of further resources.
ETA I tried the free Allspice Apron pattern. XL fits my man pretty well.

Do you have favourite free pattern resources to share? Sometimes you get what you pay for with those freebies so recommendations to tested patterns are very helpful.


That’s a great resource, thanks


Free and no pattern needed

I have found that a lot of people put out an annual Everything I Made video and offer sewing for free.

I like the ones where no pattern is needed at all…just cut out fabric. I love this dress and she has several more as well.


I’d like to get back into sewing my own clothes, some of these look great, thanks for sharing.

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I want a bodkin, never heard of those before!! :scream:

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A safety pin works just fine too :blush:

Some of the patterns I’d like to try require a fb account, booooo. Anybody with one willing to download a pattern for me?

I use safety pins, but I now want a bodkin!!! :rofl: :rofl:
I have a FB account if you want to share info with likeminded people :wink:

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I must have a dozen bodkins, at least 3 different kinds. I’ll send you one in the mail.

Misusu Patterns – Geo Tank Top is a knit tank with crew and scoop neck options and square armhole detail, available for free if you join their Facebook Group and get the discount code.

That looks cute actually!

I have signed up for their group because that looks like a good pattern that I could make, if I ever stop procrastinating about my wips. (although picked one up yesterday and made small progress)


Whew, finally got an envelope in the mail to you with a couple bodkins inside! Let’s see how long that takes to get there…

Thanks very much.

Have you made any progress using the pattern?

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Not at all, lol. I printed out & taped the pages together for the Allspice Apron & contacted a local place that prints large patterns so I don’t have to tape pages for anything else, ha. But that’s all. Life is so busy.

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Well, guess what arrived in the post today… Only some bodkins :scream: :scream: I’m amazed at how quickly they’ve turned up - not because of international postage, just ours has been hampered so much recently.

They are cute little gadgets and I like the pattern card they came in. THANKS :smiley:

I really have to make progress with the WIPs to get a new thing underway. Is the rule finish one WIP, start a new thing???

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I prefer a no rules free for all, personally :smile:

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I feel like I want to start an easier / less time consuming project to get something done, but that’s not helping on the WIPs.

For now, I have agreed with myself to finish at least one WIP before starting something new. This could be a new Low in my 50 projects.

Or I do some creative project counting…

Like I can do inchies during work meetings that I’m just “attending” (well when I’m WFH), hmm, think differently about my projects and achieve both goals, finish wips / do new stuff.

It’s good to talk things through :smiley:


I would go mad if I only worked on one project at a time. I am like those plate spinners…I like to keep all the WIPS going at about the same time, finishing them off a little at a time.

Some people like to start a project and won’t let up until it is done. There are people between these two extremes as well…do what works for you!!!

But, you will now have to find projects that need a bodkin… :rofl:

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I’m not a singular project person, but I have many projects that have not been finished for years (My quilt being the longest one, I have moved twice since then).

But , living in a small place and having pretty stuff in part completion is frustrating. But there are some projects that could be quicker wins - at the cost of not getting the WIPs done. Some of which wouldn’t take that long.

I am over-thinking too much!!!


Got some patterns printed! Geo tank top, patterns for Pirates PJ pants & pegleg leggings with add-ons.

One of the reasons I haven’t made more clothing is that I just don’t want to tape together all the pieces of paper. Is it costly to have a print shop do this? I mean, the patterns themselves are fairly cheap, $3-$5…

Those patterns were all free! Printing was $5/ sheet. I’m not sure what the copy shop charges, I went to a local independent sewing place 'cause I like her & want to support her.

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