Freezer paper stencil shirts, so many shirts!

This is such a great technique for printing custom one-offs. I’ve used it lots of times for the hard-to-buy-for peeps in my life.

Here’s a Simpsons reference for our uncle the mason, and an undercover fandom

A couple for my bro

Baby onsies

Kid tshirts

Shirts for school things

Pillowcase for beats makin’ teen

Mushrooms, heh.

They can be simple or complex, the process is the same for both and it’s not that hard at all.
With the gift giving season coming up I’ll likely be doing some more of this, it’s a great way to create personalized items for not a lot of money. I wrote a little tutorial if you want to try it out.


Great idea for “hard to gift” folks like you said! My partner likes the Simpsons especially. You did a beautiful job. They all look very professional.

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Wow, very cool! I may have to try this. Thanks for the link to your tutorial!

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I love making tee shirts! I’ve done so many now that I’ve lost track….they are a perfect custom gift!

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A collection of wonders! These are going to be so well liked by their recipients!

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Well, bro & uncle wear one whenever we meet so either they like their shirts or they’re humouring me. Either way, I’ll take it!

Actually, my aunt told me that stonecutters shirt frequently goes to the lodge. Kinda cool.

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Nice! You have some stylish and unique people in your life!


Hahahaha…what a perfect shirt for a stonemason!

These are all awesome and so neat and clean! Mine never come out this good.

Even though the Rhythm Composer pillow case was the most complex with 4 colours and so many cuts, I’m still most impressed with the tadpole reporter. I have a fiskars finger tip knife & another with the teeniest weeniest pivoting blade, those make precision cuts and curves so much easier.

I love the shirts you’ve made, real pretty designs. Sadly we don’t have freezer paper here so I’ve never tried this technique, but it looks so fun and easy. I don’t know which of the designs are my favourite, there are several that has different things I like

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Freezer paper is the same as butcher paper, the pinkish stuff a drll wraps meat or cheese in. It has one shiny side, the other is dull paper. Do you know the sort I’m talking about?

Oh yeah! I made a classic space tee for my husband YEARS ago and it’s still going strong. If I remember right I put a fabric medium into my acrylics. It’s faded a bit, but that gives it more of the “classic” feel. Great idea and I’m impressed with how many you cranked out!

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I don’t think we have that either. I mean some cheese I buy has that kind of paper I think… maybe I should try that next time I buy brie or mouldy cheeses :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t think it’s the same thing. I don’t even know what they wrap the meat in here, in plastic I think, should go and buy once just to see. But I will most likely buy some paper eventually from overseas once my craft space is set up.

Until then I can look at your crafts instead :smiley:

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How much fun to make such personalized gifts! Just lovely!

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:fireworks: Congratulations, this is a featured project for this week :fireworks:

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Hey sweetie, if you pm me your address I can send you some. I have loads from very generous people that sent me some in the past. I am happy to share. (I am in ireland btw)


they are all adorable!
I esp like the onesies :slight_smile:

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These are all fantastic! You’re an inspiration!

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Great work! I especially like the Kung Fu and Paper airplane. :smiley:

I’ve used this technique many times myself. I find it soothing cutting the stencil and yet, nerve wracking when it’s time to remove the stencil.

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It is a bit tenuous, so many factors can make the edges oozy. Ironing the freezer paper too long, too hot, not hot enough, paint viscosity & how densely it’s applied, how long it took to apply, if the freezer paper got too saturated, if you didn’t peel the stencil off soon enough, if it smudged when taking the stencil off, etc etc. It’s easy but there is technique to it.
You can always go in with a little brush for touch ups though.