Fridge Magnet Swap Round 1 GALLERY

We have a sender! Please post your goodies here!



Yay! I get to kick off the gallery with some adorable magnets from my swap buddy, @Lynx.

I had requested that she use a variety of different materials so that the magnets would not all be the same style, and she took that to heart!


First, this cute, crocheted lobster. He’s very squishy and his claws are attached to each other at the tips, so he could hug something or hang from a hook or handle, I suppose.

His claws also waggle in the most delightful way! My poor husband was getting tired of me “animating” this little guy, as if he were speaking and gesturing.

My sister lives in Maine and one of my listed themes was something to remind me of Maine.

Next up, some felties!

I live in Illinois but will soon be moving away, so the purple feltie will be perfect to remind me of my time here.

I’m also a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so the other feltie is Alice, tiny and cute! It must have been hard to make her so tiny… and Lynx said she didn’t have the right colors of felt for it, so it was even more of a challenge!

I think she’s cute, but Lynx wasn’t happy with her, so she sent me a sixth magnet: one of her stamped metal creations that says “Home Sweet Home”.

I love this one so much!

We both share a love of the game Animal Crossing, so she painted a couple of my favorite characters, Mira and Broccolo.

This will be a nice memento of all the time I’ve spent with those critters! They were rare bright spots in this dark year.

And then there is this exotic creature in a metal bottlecap.


So, so gorgeous! Can you see the golden headdress and the colors and the bead? The sentiment is lovely, too: “People who love are compassionate”.

She said it was her first time using the product that bonded everything together, and that she had to make it 3 times before she was satisfied. Well worth it; it’s stunning!

Thanks so much!!!

Also loved the hummingbird photo on the card, which I assume was taken in her own backyard…

Here’s a shot of all of them together, installed on the fridge.

Thanks again!


I’m so relieved you love them all! I’ll always think of LobsterFest when I think of Maine!


These are so cute!! I especially love the darling little lobster!

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Oh that lobster is darling!!!


What a great way to get the gallery going! They’re all so cute, and different!


I mostly followed the lobster pattern from Kara Lyon’s blog,


My mailbox was full of delightful treats today from @geekgirl .
First up is Mr Roboto

He is just to cute! I’ve had that song in my head since opening the package.
As an aside, please excuse the magnetic poetry, it was a gift about 20 years ago and we all abuse it.
This useful kitty was also on my pin boards.

It was included as a goldfish magnet looked like it might succumb to the heavy handed nature of postal pixies. The fish were shattered and a few pieces obliterated, but I am working to make all the work into a beautiful piece for my breakables shelf.
My whole household loves this Mario mushroom!

We all play videogames together and while I am fairly horrible at it, this magnet reminds me of those fun times.

This purple basket is great! It is made for airplants and the magnet is just on the little finial that the basket hangs from. I’m testing out all my airplants to see which fits best, but I LOVE it.

One of my favorite magnets is this little guy.

He is such an expressive little Groot! There is even a touch of iridescent green on his head. So cute!
Thank you so much @geekgirl for the wonderful package!


Wow, what a huge variety of fun magnets!! They’re all so different and cute!

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Yes, what a variety! The Groot and mushroom are my favorite, but they are all great!


Such an assortment! I did not know I needed an airplant hanger magnet until today!


OH MY GOSH THE AIR PLANT HANGER!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: That is so cute!!! I love it!


After I made the koi I was afraid they are too fragile for life as a magnet but included them for whatever purpose you could find. I had hoped they would have survived shipping though. I’m glad I sent 5 other magnets and didn’t rely on them being part of the 5.

The air plant holder was super easy and cute. if you need it to have some weight to lay down better you can put a little stone in it or some washers. it will support it. I tested it on my fridge with a rock magnet.

Groot was my favorite to make!


I really love them all, but Groot is special.

Great variety! Hello again Groot!

I squeeled with delight with each magnet from @endymion! She did many different styles and themes.

A fantastic Impractical Jokers catchphrase box to hold markers, pencils, etc!

An Illinois magnet (I collect state magnets).

2020 WTF (pandemic aside, this year has sucked for me).

One my cutest Animal Crossing villagers from mynold island (I got my own Switch now and started a new island), Skye.

And a gorgeous Rosy-Breasted Grosbeak which O have come to adore as much as hummingbirds.

I love them all so much!

Thank you!


I’m glad you like them! The 2020 and Skye magnets were last-minute replacements for 2 sculpted magnets (cupcake, Pascal) that were major fails…

The Impractical Jokers one is a “put pocket” (get it?) for pencils and such. I have one of similar size and shape that is the most-used magnet on my fridge.


I received from @Fonduie ! The whole package made me smile. BIRBS EVERYWHERE! The envelope had bird stickers, every magnet was wrapped up with a sticker, and every magnet … was a bird! Such a great swap package!!

Check out the beauties I got:

I love them! Thank you so much - I will get a photo of them in action tomorrow. :wink:


Those are fantastic! I like how there are different stitch lengths in the wings to make it look feathery


Wow!! What an amazing package! I love all those birds!

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