Friends of the Forest Spirit Doll

These are being classified as sculpture, guess that fits.
I just completed a very successful Spirit Doll class with 10 lovely women at a local Friends of the Forest event. They quickly tapped into their intentions and created unique and very special spirits to hold their intentions in life.
I made this doll in prep for the class and then gifted it to the organizer, she had been stalking the doll all afternoon. Every doll I create calls to someone and leaves me to go on the next great adventure. She’s at the bottom of this first picture in partial view. And an unfinished pic. Why do I forget to take images? (Edit: Added full image)

And some of the lovely creations:


Wow, these are beautiful! Sounds like it was a fun event, and a cool group.

So awesome. I’d travel far to take this class! Whatever happened to the online lettucecraft classes anyhow? This would be a winner for sure.

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Yes, I think it would!!

These are each so unique and beautiful!

Love, love, love each one! I would take this class too!!

These are so engaging to look at and visually explore. It sounds like a really cool class.

Those are very cool!

Ooooh! These are super cool. I love the way you left the excess around the faces to sew them on. It has a beautifully haunting effect.

I don’t know how it would translate to an online class. With this group it might work, we have a nice talent pool. But I don’t have the setup to pull it off.

Interesting. If it could work here…

Maybe we need to figure out what is needed to make it work without the onus being on you to pull it off…

I’ve never organised a…, actually anything here, so any input (and maybe we should take it off this thread), from the super organising admins could help??