Fun Little Zipper Pouch

I made this little pouch to include with one of my dear one’s birthday package. I was given the fabric a few months back and a few of the images on it reminded me of her and there was just enough for a little project like this!


I was tickled to find the blue zipper in my stash, but I still thought it needed a little something, so I picked up this butterfly charm for a zipper pull.

It’s lined with unbleached muslin.

And the back is just more of the main print.


I love it! Did you follow a pattern or wing it?

Thanks! I vaguely followed a tutorial online, the same one I used for the Sk8r Babe pouch I made a few months ago.

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Really cute!

Cute! I like the little added charm.

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Thanks, friends!

That’s cute! Great fabric choice!

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So cheery!

Thank you!