Fun Ornaments for Kids

More ornaments for the ongoing ornament swap of 2020. If you haven’t browsed through the amazing and lovely array of ornaments yes, you are missing out on a treat…and good crafty ideas too. Ongoing Ornament Swap 2020 Discussion and Gallery

I made these for @Whistlefish’s children. The rules state no extras, but you can’t do one ornament for a child and not do one for the other, can you? I might lose my Best Grandma standing. It applies to any interaction with children after all.

The initials were J and L and she listed their interests.

so for Boy J I grabbed some blocks, wheels, and other bits and pieces dug out of various odd spots in my craft room. The cats had just unearthed a little car that was just the right size. (Where did that come from I wonder? We do vacuum under things every decade or so. :blush:) Lots of glue and paint later and a sort through the scrabble tiles, we had a racing truck.

And for girl L I gathered butterflies, charms, foam numbers and anything else I could think of. I love the way they both turned out.


How thoughtful of you!

These are awesome, and I totally support your position of no child left out!


Very creative and a way for each child to have an ornament! Love, once again, using found objects…looks like you also had fun making them and being creative!