Garden Bench Cushion

When one of my dear ones snagged a free bench and repainted it, I offered to make her a new seat cushion for it for her birthday. Her birthday is still a few weeks away, but I wanted her to be able to cushion her tushion on her new bench ASAP! She got it this week and got this pic for me.

I tried to get a good pic of it before sending, but it just didn’t look the same on TheMisterT’s garden bench.

I was able to get a couple detail shots though, including these cool wooden buttons I found to use on the straps that keep the cushion in place on the bench. I sewed her first initial into it! There are two button holes on the strap since I didn’t have the bench with me to really customize the fit.


And there’s a bit of a box corner thingy based on the double layer of 2" Nu-Foam cushion material inside.


The fabric is outdoor fabric; I texted her pics of several choices from the fabric store and she picked this one… perfect for her bench! GO TEAM! The bottom is the same as the top, so it can be flipped for whatever reason. :bird: :poop:


Ooh I love it

Yesssss, this is the fabric to choose for that beauty! Nicely done!

I love the collaborative nature of the project! Beautifully done.

My tushion loves this cushion! It fits perfectly and just makes the bench! Thank you soooo much!!!


very nice!

This is perfect!

Thanks so much, everyone!

:grin: YEY! This make me so happy!

That is similar to the response from the person at the cutting counter when they asked about the project. Yey for working together even far apart!

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Great colors, beautiful sewing!

Such a wonderful gift! And fits perfectly into that fun space :hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:

This is the coolest! I was confused for a second…wait, wasn’t that kk’s bench. :thinking: :laughing:

Love the straps and such a personal touch with the “P”!


lol same here…no way there are two of those beauties out there, so I was also confused…lol

The fabric is great and pops the bench color (love that color!!!)…what a happy tushy sitting place!


HA! Thanks! I did struggle a bit to choose the photo what would be the thumbnail!

That is the perfect cushion for this adorable bench, so cool!

Thus turned out fantastic!! Perfect fabric for that bench. That’s a really cool button, too!

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