Trash to Treasure Bench

I have been wanting a bench for the backyard for years. I kept putting it off, not wanting to pay the money for one. I was driving home and this little old man was putting this bench out for free (anyone can take it). It is something people do all the time in the city I live in. If you want to get rid of something, put it out in front of your house and it will be gone by that night. Seriously, I took a door one time that I needed. Anyhoo…It had some surface rust so I brushed that off, treated it with a rust spray and then painted it melon-coral and I LOVE it! I’m not sure I am going to keep the cushion fabric the same. I’m thinking more tiki theme to go with my backyard. So, my free bench cost me 20.00 in paint. Not too bad!
The finished bench with cushion (This is not the side of my house. LOL! We have a detached garage/storage/shed)

The bench before I cleaned it up.

Rust treatment

All done! Just needs a cushion!


Love that color! Looks in great condition! What a nice addition for the cost of your labor! Any number of colors of fabric will go with that…so love the shape of the arms and back…don’t show the previous owner or he will want it back…lol!


That color is to die for! Great choice! :heart_eyes:

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It looks great! I could see that coral with a pineapple print.

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Yeah! Or maybe a poppy hibiscus print, too.


Oh my gosh, Yes!

Thanks all! I would love to find a hibiscus or flamingo print for throw pillows… Oh! Pineapple shaped pillows! Hmm…so many ideas! I also want to make bunting for over the bench.


I love this so much!

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the new colour & I really love the rustic look of that corner with the shed and the oldfashioned (and beautiful! not meant as an insult ) flowers.

Gorgeous! It always amazes me the stuff people throw out. I so would of grabbed that.

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Very cool bench, nice work reviving it.
The shape of it sort of reminds me of a cloud, so I’m seeing it with white cloud shaped cushions. Probably not very practical for outside.

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It’s so YOU!

This turned out so great! I just love a good “curbside pickup” story, too! And who wouldn’t want a FREE DOOR? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks all! I am pretty proud that I was able to give it new life. It does look like a cloud!

Thanks! Our yard is a mix of tiki and old fashion-vintage inspired flowers/style. It somehow works. LOL! I love flowers and this year I decided to get some that were more traditional. In my pollenator garden I went for specifically for Victorian English. I love mixing up styles. It’s fun! Yes, rustic. That’s what that garage/shed is!

It is Monty approved! The cushion is warm from the sun so his little almost naked body is happy!


Nakey Monty!

He looks so comfortable! So many people think gardening is about perfectly manicured lawns and not a single leaf out of place (which no one is ever going to achieve for more than 1 day) but actually it’s about creating happy and inviting places. And this place looks so cozy, everyone would want to sit down there, preferably with a book and a cup of tea or a glass of homemade lemonade.


Love the color. Great save!

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Same here-we cal our neighborhood The Bermuda Triangle

I love the coral colored spray, tiki themed is such a cute idea!


Oooh, I am all about this trash-to-treasure thing! This is beautiful!!

It looks amazing. Such a score on the free cycle. I’m always hauling stuff home on walks that people leave out. Vases, ceramic pots. A box fan! Lol.

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