GITD Skull n Bones Pinstriped Joggers

I picked up this GITD skull and bone knit while it was on sale earlier this year. It’s another POP! print from JoAnn.

I thought it would be a great replacement for the pair that TheMisterT plum wore out last year.


I’ve used this pattern, Simplicity 8268, 7 times now, and somehow can’t get the hang of cutting both of the cuffs so the pattern will be right-side up when sewn on! :woman_shrugging: At least I got one of them on this pair! :joy: These are hanging around the house pants, so I didn’t let myself get too worked up over it and I didn’t bother to even try to pattern match.

This pattern has nice, deep pockets which is one reason I keep coming back to it. I try to add a button to the center front of the waist so TheMisterT can find the front in the dark, but forgot to sew it on before I wrapped it! It’s taped to the package under the ribbon. :upside_down_face:


They are great - love the glow-in-the-dark fabric!!

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These look like so much fun to wear.

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Haha! Love that they glow in the dark! Sure to be a hit.

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Very cool!

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Thanks, friends!

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These are so fun!
I purchased some POP flannel, but not for joggers.
I wonder if my ma would make some for me as a bday gift :thinking:


I bet she would! This pattern is specifically for knits with a certain amount of stretch, but I’m sure there are similar patterns or more-skilled sewists who could make flannel work if you wanted more flannel.


I’ll have to ask her. She’s worked with a variety of fabrics and she’s a MUCH better seamstress than I am.


The fabric is killer (glowing!!!), the pattern is amazing with both cuffs and pockets, and the button to quickly find the front is smart!

A most excellent application of glow in the dark skull fabric! I’d wear these out for sure.

Thank you all!

@Abbeeroad Now you have me wondering what all the other JoAnn shoppers made with this!

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These are awesome! Love the GITD element, and of course the SKULLS!

Thanks, Jennie!

Ohmygosh I love these and I would wear the heck out of them!

Thank you! TheMisterT tends to wear the heck out of all the things, so I bet he will do so with these, too!

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Killer PJ’s.