GITD Space Pants - Joggers for the BIL

TheMisterT’s sister’s hubz has a birthday coming up and for once I had an idea for a gift - a handmade one, even!

I am midway through a roll making these things. I recently finished a pair for myself, made a pair for TheMisterT last year, and plan a pair for another dear one soon.

Now, the BIL is an actual runner, cyclist, fitness/sporty dude, so these are just for lounging and therefore needed to be made from a novelty print. I mean, otherwise they could just as well been store bought, right? And if we’re going with a novelty print, we may as well go full-novelty and get the glow-in-the-dark! YOWZA!

Good times. I love that I’m getting a lot of use from Simplicity 8268! It’s a pretty quick one and would be about 4x quicker if I just sewed with a straight stitch instead of one for knits. It does call for ribbing at the waist and ankles, but has worked fine for the other two pairs with the same fabric there which makes it a lot easier to coordinate/match as someone who isn’t generally a fan of color blocking.

The skellie hand in the first pic is to show that it has pockets.


Like we couch potatoes don’t NEED novelty prints?

Great fabric, love the glow!

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Exactly… these “joggers” are for lounging and the print is to make it obvious that we don’t expect he’ll be athleticizing in 'em!

Glow in the dark makes everything better. Great use of the pattern again and again…

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Another great pair! Love the glow in the dark.

Thanks, pals!

These are awesome! I need a pair like this for the teenager.

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Thanks! The fabric is from JoAnn, their POP! collection.

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Perfect! I think there might be a little Christmas sewing in my future…! :grin:

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These look so comfy and glow in the dark also? Fantastic!!!