Glittery Winter Collar Cozy

Delia needed a fresh, new collar look for this fresh, new year!


Unfortunately, Delia doesn’t have a fresh, new attitude about having her picture taken so this is as good as I could do.



There’s A LOT o’ glitter on the purple part of this fabric, but neither picture really captures it. Oh well!

Like all her collar cozies, it’s reversible and backed with a purple and ivory arrow pattern. Something we’ll use when the days are longer and brighter.


That’s just adorable! I love that you made it reversible. :slight_smile:

Lucky Delia!

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Collar cozies are such a great idea - a collar for every season and holiday! Nice job!

Thanks, friends!

Very sweet! But poor Delia, always having to hide from the puparazzi!


I love that you keep her up to date and fashionable even when she refuses to model. The collar is pretty and I love that it is reversible.
PS. Delia looks like she would be extra snuggly.

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Lovely fabric choices! This turned out great!

Poor Delia! :laughing:

Thanks, friends!

The fabric is left from a project where I added a ruffle to a store bought holiday kitchen towel to make it coordinate with our kitchen. I might make a mask for myself with it, since that’s still a thing and I could use some sparkly in my errands!

Since Delia was born for the spotlight, she has had to deal with the burden of the paparazzi and the mamarazzi her whole dang life!

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